Kevin Maguire: General election will root out self-serving Tories

No wonder Tories are running scared of a General Election when a poll puts Labour five points ahead of them and Jeremy Corbyn would be Prime Minister.

I readily acknowledge others find the Conservatives leading but the possibility of a radical socialist Government in power is why clinging to high office is all that unites terrified Tories cowering behind the barricades.

So we see selfish personal and political interests cynically elevated above anything that could remotely be called the national interest.

Egotistical former Cabinet Ministers Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab voting for a bad Brexit deal they resigned to oppose, calculating the PM prize would be more likely to fall in their lap when Tories play pass the parcel with Downing Street’s keys, both deserve to be ruled out of the running for their unprincipled scampering.

Jeremy Corbyn may finally get the election he’s been calling for


When Tory austerity gave us Tory Brexit, it’s a no brainer for Labour to fight both poisonous Right-wing assaults to divide and rule working people.

Corbyn’s in a position if he uses it to save Britain disastrously falling out of Europe, saving jobs and livelihoods and public services and community and internationalist decent values from the bigoted insularity of the Johnsons, Goves, Jacob Rees-Moggs, Farages and thuggy marauding mobs.

David Cameron’s folly is destroying his own party when the Tories mutate into extremist Blukip, European friendly veteran Dominic Grieve fighting to survive after Nick Boles quit and another three MPs, including Anna Soubry, fled to join a new party.


Labour’s woes are well aired yet the Tories are fracturing too.

Zombie May is hypocritical to consider a fourth vote by MPs on her rubbished Brexit plan while denying ordinary folk a second vote.

Ignoring surveys and polls, petitions and marches, demonstrating the national view’s changed, a majority wanting to stay in Europe, is to shackle ourselves to an old referendum under a redundant PM in a previous Parliament.

That’s tyranny, not democracy.

The official Leave campaign fronted by Johnson and Gove abandoning its appeal against a £61,000 fine for breaking electoral law is proof criminality as well as lies and deceit conned a 2016 result.

Northern Ireland’s DUP deciding it prefers staying in the EU to smashing a Disunited Kingdom may halt the Tories.

Revoking Article 50, a General Election and a fresh referendum when Parliament’s paralysed are ways forward.

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