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Kevin Clifton details warning about Strictly Come Dancing social media forums

“It became generally accepted wisdom that the only reason that apparently Strictly was pushing me at the time and making sure I was in the final – nothing to do with working hard, making sure it had to be Kevin the golden boy because Len Goodman is his godfather.”

Kevin’s sister Joanne recently opened up to express.co.uk about online speculation and dismissed “opinionated” viewers.

“There was a thing on one of our first my first years where me and Kevin were apparently Len Goodman’s God-children, and that’s why we’ll be doing well, it’s absolutely bizarre the things that people think and come up with,” she revealed.

Joanne added: “The Strictly fans are absolutely amazing, they get so passionate about it and sometimes, you know when a couple who is not as good keeps getting through, it’s because the public are voting for them because they want to be entertained.

“They want to go, ‘Oh, how, how is this person going to muck up this time?’ and stuff like that.”

She added: “It’s just, it’s an entertainment programme and just, people sometimes get a little bit too opinionated and too passionate about it.”


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