Kevin Abstract Has Unveiled A New Album — And You’ve Definitely Heard Some Of It Before

Who has had a better April than Kevin Abstract? The frontman of Internet rap boy band Brockhampton released a three-track project named ARIZONA baby and then expanded upon it soon after when he dropped the Ghettobaby EP. It’s all been in preparation for the new album that he dropped today, ARIZONA BABY. The title’s in all caps. It’s a statement.

ARIZONA BABY is a full-length album that Abstract previously revealed would be released in pieces. It’s why at certain points during this month, after an Instagram teaser showcased three mysterious dates, he released parts of what would become the whole on the last date (today). ARIZONA baby came on April 11. Ghettoboy dropped on April 18. And today (April 25), the full picture has been revealed. ARIZONA BABY is comprised of 11 total tracks. It’s relatively light on features, with guest vocals coming from Dominic Fike, JOBA, and bearface.

Abstract also took the opportunity to unveil a video for “Peach” that appears on the new LP. Starring Dominic Fike, the relaxing visual focuses on the relaxing days of summer in California and submerges itself in memory. Fike’s sandpapery voice and spider-like movements make him an interesting focal point in the video along with Abstract who meanders with blunt force along the sunny backdrop that sometimes dips into the night. An overall relaxing video for a naptime tune that is for those days lounging on the couch surfing Netflix and watching The Office. 

Abstract’s last studio album was 2016’s American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story. Brockhampton itself released iridescence last year

Take a listen to ARIZONA BABY up above and then take a look at the relaxing video for “Peach.”


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