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Katie Piper: Strictly star’s acid attacker 'back in prison' over 'car thefts'

“Then we put her through an eight-hour extensive washing programme, with her eyes being particularly irrigated.”

Following the original operation, she was put into an induced coma for 12 days.

She told the National Geographic last year: “It’s been a decade since I survived a sulfuric acid attack that left me with severe burns across my face, in the following years, I’ve worked to redefine my sense of identity.

“With injuries such as mine, your face can be so damaged that your expressions may not convey how you feel, and you may even lose your ability to smile.

“It can be an isolating experience, you feel one way on the inside but look completely different on the outside, after more than 200 surgeries since my attack, I’ve accepted that my old face is gone.”


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