Katie Holmes basically wore a wool blanket in 35-degree heat and… well, what?!

Katie Holmes, you good? 

Over in New York (just like here), temperatures reached a spicy 35°C on Wednesday afternoon. But not even a heat wave could stop the celebrities from stepping out in heavy denim, layers of knitwear, and buttoned-up long sleeves. 

Take Holmes, for example. She’s over in New York City wearing a matching knit dress and shawl situation, which is the equivalent of stepping outside wrapped in an afghan. According to retailers, the Chloé dress is made of a wool-cashmere blend and features a tightly knit pattern. Cute, but a recipe for sweat??


Listen – I’ll be the first to admit that boiling outdoor temperatures means absolutely frigid indoor temperatures, and transitioning from the sticky heat to the icy, air-conditioned hotel lobbies and luxury shops, or wherever it is that Katie Holmes spends her afternoons, can make dressing for the day a confusing if not impossible task. 

But wool?? I can’t look at this detail shot without overheating: 


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