Kate Atkinson's page-turner Transcription: 'A spy novel that makes you laugh'

We had a brilliant response from you about our Mirror Book Club choice, Transcription.

In 1940, Juliet is enlisted by MI5 to spy on British Nazis. But 10 years later, the dark events of the war come back to haunt her in a novel with a shocking twist.

“She’s such a great writer and it was refreshing to read a spy novel that made me laugh!” said Steph from Leeds.

“It was full of suspense, it really kept me guessing,” said Farrah from Ireland.

Andy from St Albans, Herts, said: “This was brilliantly written but the pace was slow at times.”

However, Pam, from Worcestershire, was less enthusiastic, dismissing the story as tripe!

“Where was the plot?” she wanted to know.

Our next Mirror Book Club read is This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay

As a junior doctor, Adam Kay spent six gruelling years working on hospital wards until a terrible experience in surgery made him hang up his scrubs and carve out a new life as a comedy writer.

His account of “the truth about what it means to be a doctor” is hilarious, horrifying and ultimately heartbreaking. We’d love you to read the book and tell us what
you think.

Which of Adam Kay’s stories did you find funniest, most shocking or most surprising? And after you read his account, has it changed your attitude towards the NHS?


You can also share your thoughts in the Mirror Book Club at , on Twitter using @MirrorBookClub, or by post.

We have 100 copies of This is Going To Hurt to give away to Mirror readers. To be in with a chance of winning a copy, all you have to do is join our Facebook group ( ) or send your name and address to the address above right, marked This Is Going To Hurt Giveaway, to arrive by May 1.

Our Planet

By Alastair Fothergill & Keith Scholey

This astonishing book, based on the Netflix TV series, is full of beautiful pictures of our natural world.

It takes us from Earth’s remotest forests and deepest oceans, to deserts and ice caps, and has a serious message about how careless human activity is harming wildlife and bio-diversity.

David Attenborough’s foreword reminds us we can sort these problems if we have the will.

By Garry Bushell

Bantam Press, £25


By Oliver Bullough

This examines how gangsters and oligarchs, fraudsters and tyrants hang on to their cash by exploiting loopholes in the global financial structure.


Money is international but laws are not. Bullough says: “If the world is to stop billions upon billions of dollars draining into Moneyland and away from oversight, it needs to act as one.”

A disturbing, formidable read.

By Richard Dismore

Profile Books, £9.99


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