Kang the Conqueror: What the New Villain Means for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Backlash of Time Travel

Avengers: Endgame opened Pandora’s Box with its time heist. For such a high-profile, climactic story, it was strangely casual about the invention of time travel. Sure, there were only a limited amount of Pym Particles and that meant they only had one shot at pulling off the plan, but they had endless prep time and now that everything is copacetic with the post-Thanos universe, there’s nothing preventing the use of more time travel.

Granted, according to the movie’s rules, they can’t outright change the past, but they can still create alternate timelines to deal with the future. By the conclusion of Endgame, Steve Rogers had all the time in the world to send back the Infinity Stones because Hank Pym’s back and that means no more shortage of Pym Particles.

The upcoming Loki series on Disney+ is showing that there are going to be some resistance to willy-nilly time travel thanks to the Time Variance Authority. That’s right, we’ll be seeing time cops soon enough.

Kang antagonizing Ant-Man could honestly hit either extreme when it comes to time travel use. On one hand, Kang could be some kind of ominous authority figure out to oppose the man who ultimately helped invent time travel to begin with. On the other hand, Kang could be the horrible look at what’s possible now that the genie is out of the bottle and skipping through eras is easier than it should be.

Scott Lang saved the universe, but at what cost?

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