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Kaepernick releases powerful video on police killings to mark anthem protest anniversary

Three years to the day since he first began his protest against racist police violence, Colin Kaepernick has posted a stirring and emotional video reminding us that the fight is far from over.

Colin Kaepernick

Today marks the three year anniversary of the first time I protested systemic oppression. I continue to work and stand with the people in our fight for liberation, despite those who are trying to erase the movement! The movement has always lived with the people! ✊?

?: @REL

August 14, 2019

The former NFL quarterback, who many believe has been ostracized by the league since he first began sitting, then kneeling, during the playing of the national anthem before games, posted the video to Twitter on Wednesday.

In the video, which features graphic footage of a number of high-profile police killings, Kaepernick asks: “How can you stand for the national anthem of a nation that preaches and propagates freedom and justice for all, that is so unjust to many of the people living in it?”

Also appearing in the video are family members of people who have been killed by police, including Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

“Basically he took a knee for all these families that are out here today for freedom,” says Felicia Thomas, mother of Nicholas Thomas, who was killed by police in 2015.

“It is our love for 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was gunned down by the police in less than two seconds, that will not allow us to bury our anger,” Kaepernick says. “It is our love for Philando Castile who was executed in front of his partner and his daughter that keeps us fighting back. It is our love for Stephon Clark, who was lynched in his grandmother’s backyard, that will not allow us to stop until we liberate out people.”

As he speaks, footage of their killings plays out, interspersed with chants from crowds. “No justice, no peace!” they shout. “Power to the people!”


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