Juventus vs Man City: The Fight For Messi

Juventus vs Man City: The Fight For Messi

Ever wondered why top football players transfer to other clubs? Just when you thought that your favorite player will help your team win the league there’s news in the tabloids saying that they’ve signed a deal with a different football club. Sounds frustrating, right? Well, this is all based on human perspectives. But in today’s competitive world, it’s who’s got the best deal on the table that wins. In addition to this, football is among the high paying sports in the world. So, appreciate the fact that your favorite player has landed a deal of a lifetime!

Now, most soccer fanatics have been in disarray over talks that Messi was transferring. Lionel Messi, a world-renowned footballer in the list of top scorers and football gurus such as Christiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Neymar, and Kevin De Bruyne, is a highly sought after footballer and any football club will pay top dollar to see him in their team. Here’s everything you need to know about Juventus and Man City’s fight for Messi. 

It’s a Hoax!

Well, don’t trust any word you read on the tabloids because not anything put out there is true! For starters, it’s still unclear whether Man City are into talks into enlisting Messi. For weeks, Man City has remained tight-lipped over the issue and you’ll give it to them because of the intricacies that surround the transfer. 

But even despite the transfer claims circulating on social media, Lionel Messi maintains that he’ll continue playing for Barcelona till the next season. This has stirred a mixed reaction among fans. But let’s face it guys, Lionel Messi has to honor the terms of his last contract. But according to a recent article published at, Suarez and Messi could soon be paired together. Now, this means that two clubs are willing to sign Messi and you cannot imagine the explosion this will have on the team that eventually wins the rights. But while the talks are still in their early stages, fans have no choice but to wait for deal finalization. 

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Where Next After Barcelona?

This is a question that has been asked by fans all around the world. Lionel Messi has been playing for Barcelona for 33 years now. He joined Barcelona at the age of 13 only to make his career debut at the age of 17. That’s quite a long time playing in the same club, right? But he has had a great running and this is perhaps the reason why Juventus and Man City are drooling over his talents. It’s also for this reason that Lionel Messi wants to leave Barcelona on good terms and because of the respect he has for his loyal fans. Whichever club he wishes to play for, it’s everyone’s wish that Messi will have a significant impact. 

It’s the fan’s wish that Messi stays with his childhood club Newell’s. But then again, you still have to consider the fact that he would also want to see his career grow by playing with the big boys. Josep Maria Bartomeu, Barcelona’s club president has also expressed his concerns over Messi’s move. But fans will have to wait for the team that matches with Messi’s buyout demands of 700m Euros!

The Factors That Determine Player Transfers

You have seen or heard of football players transferring to other teams, right? Well, it’s not always a bureaucratic decision but there’s a myriad of factors that affect such transfers. These include: 

  • A player’s age – A player’s age dictates the experience they have on the field. But then again, not all seasoned players will attract high-value buy-out. In Messi’s case, however, you’ll notice that he is a seasoned player but skilled and highly talented, and it’s for this reason that his buyout is attracting a 700m Euro price tag.
  • Skills – This will of course be an aspect that will play a role in attractive great deals. 
  • Stats – Before a player transfers to another football club, the club must look at their squad stats to determine whether they’ll be a great addition to the team. 
  • The player’s adaptability – Not so many players adapt well into a new team. Adaptability may or may not take time depending on a player’s versatility and their survival skills. 
  • A player’s image – You’ll bear witness that some football players have made a name for themselves and this is their brand image. 
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Finger’s crossed, it’s everyone’s wishes that Messi moves to their team. But then again, it’s his decision to make, right? Whether it’s Juventus or Man City, more will be known when he turns up to train with his team of choice!

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