Just CBD’s range of CBD-infused products are a great way to try the new wellness trend


ust a few years ago, we’d never heard of CBD, now it has exploded into becoming the biggest wellness product of recent years, found in everything from beauty products to oils and even cakes.  

Even the celebrity world can’t get enough of it, with stars from Whoopi Goldberg to Busy Phillips and Gwyneth Paltrow hailing it as a must-have product. Kim Kardashian said in an interview that, “Anyone that knows me knows I am obsessed with CBD everything!”

Not to be confused with hemp oil, which is made from the seeds of the hemp plant, CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical compound found in the stalk, stems, leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. Unlike cannabis, CBD does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active (and illegal) compound found in marijuana which causes people to get high.  

In the past few years, use of CBD has skyrocketed as people turn to it to help relax, destress and unwind. It has been touted as a product with anti-inflammatory capabilities, and an ingredient that can aid relaxation and improve mind and body wellbeing.  

After a year like 2020, it’s no wonder so many of us are seeking something that could provide some clarity and help us with emotional unbalance and to achieve a holistic sense of wellbeing as learning to switch off and unwind is more valued than ever.

If you’re already a CBD convert or are looking to test some out and see if it’s for you, Just CBD offers a diverse range of naturally grown hemp products, from gummies to full spectrum CBD oil to get started. The brand continually tests its products in labs to ensure that it is always using the purest form of Cannabidiol in its products.

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Check out some of their best-selling items below.

( Just CBD )

CBD oil is one of the most popular ways to ingest CBD. But tinctures, made using water and alcohol rather than oil, to extract the CBD from the industrial hemp, are more powerful and faster acting.  

Either pop a few drops under your tongue and hold it there for 60 seconds while your body absorbs the CBD, drop some into your morning coffee or a bottle of water to sip throughout the day. It is the easiest way to bring some CBD into your daily routine.

Just CBD’s tinctures come in various strengths and three flavours, coconut, hemp and honey, made with high-quality hemp and all non-GMO.  

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If you’re looking for something less concentrated to get started on your CBD journey, Just CBD’s honey sticks are a delicious way in for those intrigued to try CBD but hesitant to start with a stronger option like capsules or oils.

The little honey-filled straws combine delicious organic honey with organic hemp isolate powder with 10mg of CBD per stick. Pop in a hot lemon and honey, drizzle over porridge or squeeze straight into the mouth for a sweet treat.

( Just CBD )

The quickest way to take CBD, oral capsules can be taken as a daily supplement to bring a sense of calm into your routine.

Just CBD’s capsules contain 25 mg of CBD each and can be taken as energy capsules which aim to balance your energy throughout the day; a discomfort formula, designed to help muscle and joint relief; or as multivitamin capsules, which combine all your essential vitamins with a dash of CBD.

A recent study from the European Journal of Pain also suggested that applying CBD to the skin may even be able to help reduce pain and inflammation of joints, making it a product many of us might want to consider adding to our self-care arsenal – certainly if we’re likely to be crouched over the kitchen table at our laptops for the foreseeable.


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