John Travolta speaks out after mistaking drag queen for Taylor Swift at VMAs

John Travolta has publicly commented on the blunder during which he appeared to mistake drag artist Jade Jolie for Taylor Swift during the MTV Video Music Awards.

Travolta was presenting the Video of the Year award when he seemed to briefly hand Swift’s trophy to Jolie – who, in all fairness, is an occasional Taylor Swift impersonator – instead of the singer.

The moment went viral on social media, but Travolta isn’t too concerned.

He was asked about the snafu on the HOT 93.3 radio station, where he said that Swift has been “so good” to his family and that they’ve exchanged notes in the past.

“There were so many people that bombarded the stage that I was looking for her,” he said. “So the video has me trying to find her but I thought it was so funny, the way it was interpreted. And it was cool, I didn’t care.”

Travolta offered an optimistic take on the incident, adding: “I have a sense of humour about all that and always have because, look: we’re in pretty good shape on the day – any given day that that kind of thing can make headlines.”

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He also joked that he sometimes wonders what would have happened if he had given the trophy to Jolie instead, adding: “I should have just gone all the way with it.”


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