John Lennon death: Beatles star PREDICTED he'd be murdered – ‘They're gonna kill me’

On December 8, 1980, Mark Chapman fired five shots at John Lennon, taking his life outside his New York apartment. The Beatles star was just 40-years-old when he died. An absolute tragedy, it turns out that Lennon predicted he would be murdered, thinking he didn’t have very long left to live.

Magical Mystery Tour: My Life With The Beatles, written by Tony Bramwell, who was a childhood friend of the Fab Four, charts the incident.

Spotted by Far Out Magazine, Lennon’s prediction took place while still in the Fab Four after he took LSD and thought he was Jesus Christ.

Talking about how young the Son of God was when he was murdered, Lennon – who was totally serious – said: “They’re gonna kill me, you know?

“But I’ve got at least four years to go, so I’ve got to do stuff.”

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So The Beatles drummer took Lennon to lunch, only for a gushing fan to rush up to their table to meet him.

Still high as a kite, he corrected the fan, saying: “Actually, I’m Jesus Christ.”

To which the confused fan replied: “I still liked your last record.”

Earlier this year, Lennon’s half-sister Julia Baird revealed that the last time she spoke to The Beatles legend he was planning a family reunion.

Speaking with the Liverpool Echo’s Beatles City podcast, the 72-year-old said: “The last time I spoke to him, actually, was on November 17, just before he died.”

It turns out that John had planned to come home for a family reunion in Merseyside, even with a meet-up in Rock Ferry at Ardmore – a big house that had been in their family for many years.

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Julia said: “Obviously, we were all waiting for him to come home. And John said in November, ‘There are so many of you we will all have to get together at Ardmore.’

“So we were going to meet in that house.”


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