Joe Biden Bible prophecy: God will use US President to 'usher in the Tribulation' – claim

Signposts of the Times said: “We as Christians, and in particular, those that understand and follow Bible prophecy will be watching with much interest over the next days, weeks and months ahead to see how God will use President Joe Biden to put in place the final pieces of the Last Days puzzle that will usher in the Tribulation period and the system of Antichrist.

“In the meantime, pleas are going out for Christians to return to studying their bibles, to humble themselves before God and to stop listening to the words of man, but the call of Jesus Christ.”

According to the Bible, the Tribulation will be a seven-year-long period of strife and chaos.

Before the Tribulation, the Rapture is supposed to strike, taking up or snatching away Christian into heaven.


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