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Jessie Ware: Giving birth made me feel like a superwoman

Jessie Ware has said she “never felt more like a super woman” than when she gave birth to her two children.

The singer, 35, has two children – a girl, three, and a boy, one – with her personal trainer husband, Sam.

In an interview in Glamour’s May 2020 Digital edition, Ware said she has struggled at times to juggle motherhood with her career.

The Wildest Moments singer said despite being at “breaking point” at certain points in the past three years, she felt superhuman when she welcomed her children.

(Jessie Ware)

“I’ve never felt more like a super woman than when I’ve given birth,” she said. “I’ve had two incredible births, which I really prepped for. I know it can go completely the other way and you never really know how that baby’s going to make an entrance. But I looked after myself during the pregnancies, because I felt like I was getting ready for this big marathon, that felt like the unknown!”

Ware added: “I worked way too hard when my daughter was born. I felt I needed to prove that I could do everything, I could balance everything. In hindsight, I absolutely was at breaking point by the end of her first year.”

The singer said lockdown had been a chance to slow down and spend time with her family. She said isolation had so far been: “So fun and so gorgeous to cook for my family all the time and really enjoy it.”

Ware shot to fame in 2012 with her debut album, Devotion – which was nominated for the Mercury Prize.

(Dave Benett)

The south London-based singer said her overnight success led to imposter syndrome.

“I always felt slightly apologetic [for my success] at the beginning, that I’d got away with this thing,” she said. “I felt it was far too easy and I was far too lucky to have got this deal very quickly,” Jessie reveals. “Even though I made a really good album, I hated the feeling that I felt undeserving of it.”

Two years ago, Ware launched podcast Table Manners with her mother, Lennie. Over 12 million people have listed to the broadcast, which sees the pair cook for celebrities such as Ed Sheeran, Russell Tovey and Nicole Scherzinger while interviewing them about their food loves.

Ware said her love of food had meant she had a positive attitude towards her body image.

She said: “I’ve never been stick thin, and it would never suit me. I think I’ve definitely tried a fad or two, and body image on the red carpet? It’s that idea of the amount of people it takes to get you into the bloody outfit, and then you need the right angle. It’s just such a faff!”

“I’m around very well-adjusted people, and I love my food, so it was never going to work that long. I’m really enjoying and accepting my body even more as I’ve got older, as well.

“I’m 35 years old, I’ve had two kids. I’ve got some wrinkles on my tummy, but I’m actually in good nick. I don’t care if I’ve got a few extra inches on my a** or my thighs. I’m actually healthy and I can do a good workout.”

Glamour is out now.


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