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Jeremy Clarkson's worried daughter Emily hits back after being told to 'get a real job'

Jeremy Clarkson’s eldest daughter Emily, 27, has retaliated after she was told to “get a real job” that isn’t “linked to Instagram” today. The clash comes after the influencer voiced her concerns that her account could be taken down and she would be left with no work.

Sharing her frustrations, Emily posted a screenshot of a comment from an unknown user which read: “I just saw something that said you were scared of losing your job that is linked to your Instagram.

“Well, you could always get out and get a real job if you are worried about not being able to pay your bills.”

Emily responded in view of her 234,000 followers saying that she is “plenty able” to pay her bills with “this fake job”.

The Grand Tour star’s offspring, like many influencers, makes money on Instagram through sponsored posts and advertising.

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She has said previously that she treats her Instagram as a “job” and “works really hard” to make a living from the platform.

Emily, who also hosts a podcast and has released two books, has hit out on multiple occasions after the social media platform took down several posts.

She said: “I feel like someone is going through and reporting me for stuff?

“These are really old posts and really random reasons but it’s so scary because if I get too many reports I will legit lose my account (MY JOB).”(sic)

She wrote: “Some of you are asking what you can do to help.”

She then reposted a nude photograph which had been removed and said: “Sharing this image to your stories and asking @instagram to reconsider would be really helpful.

“I have not done anything wrong and I don’t believe this is fair.”

It comes after dad Jeremy gushed over his daughter’s “stupidly generous” Christmas gift.


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