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Jeremy Clarkson urged by police to add big gate to Diddly Squat Farm 'to keep out doggers'

On January 10, the Clarkson’s Farm host saw his plans decisively thrown out by the council, with seven out of 10 councillors condemning the idea.

The main point of contention appeared to be over what the restaurant could add to the community, including the creation of jobs and more opportunities for farmers to sell their produce, versus how it might disturb the area and surrounding environment. 

Councillors weighed in on the controversial plans soon after Jeremy delivered a speech explaining his application for the Chipping Norton restaurant.

Jeremy continued to explain that a “local government boss” Phil got up and made a speech that “built to a crescendo of fury”, claiming that the plans would cause “great harm” to their local area. 

In the wake of what Jeremy describes as a “tidal wave of misguided moral righteousness”, a vote was held and the planning officer said she would not recommend granting the plans.



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