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Jeremy Clarkson: ‘Grow up!’ Grand Tour host hits out at critics over privileged background

Jeremy Clarkson, 59, took to Twitter and responded to a post by Campaign for Socialism (CfS) – a left-wing socialist group comprised of Scottish Labour Party members and supporters. The pressure group retweeted a post from The Grand Tour presenter who told A-Level students not to fret if they had received “rubbish” results, earlier this month. He captioned his initial tweet with a snap of a luxurious mansion telling students he had done pretty well in life despite receiving bad A-Level results. But Campaign for Socialism has now slammed the TV personality, writing: “Moral of the story: If you go to private school you will not be allowed to fail.”

In view of his 7.2 million followers, the former Top Gear host fired back: “Yes. I’m sure that’s true. And if you go to a state school you end up down the pit. Grow up.”

Fans’ opinions were certainly divided on the remark, with some people coming to Jeremy’s defence while others disagreed.

One social media user commented: “It must have helped that the executive producer of Top Gear went to the same public school. It’s not what you know it’s who you know.”

To which Jeremy replied: “Not really since I started 5 years before he did.”

The Grand Tour host was referring to his former colleague and Top Gear Executive Producer Andy Wilman, 57.

Both Jeremy and Andy attended Repton School in Derbyshire, which is still a boarding school to around 440 pupils.

The person in question then hit back at the host, saying: “Must have helped at the job interview though.”

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However others came to Jeremy’s defence putting his success down to hard work.

One person commented: “Even if you’re not from a middle class or wealthy family, you can still work your way up from the bottom. You may not reach the top, but you’ll better off than on the bottom. I came from an awful school in a deprived area so I know.”

Another person said: “If you can afford it then why not. Doesn’t matter the upbringing. Enjoy.”

While a third person added: “He is where he is because people find him funny and enjoy his shows, it has f**k all to do with which school he went to.”

The pressure group’s tweets come after Jeremy shared a picture of his luxurious rented holiday home in France with a caption that read: “A level results a bit rubbish? Don’t worry. I got a C and two Us and I’ve rented this place for the summer.”

He sends out an annual results day message and has posted similar tweets in the past.

Last year, Jeremy posted: “Don’t worry if your A level grades aren’t good. I got a C and two U’s. And I’m sitting here deciding which of my Range Rovers to use today.”

In a further post from 2016, the TV regular said: “If you’re A level results are disappointing, don’t worry. I got a C and two U’s, and I’m currently on a super yacht in the Med.”

Meanwhile, Jeremy last weekend returned to the new series of Who Wants to Be Millionaire?, which aired last Saturday.


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