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Jeremy Clarkson addresses telling fans to ‘go away’ after refusing selfie at mum’s funeral

“I think Oh, for heaven’s sake, what are you going to do with it?

“So yeah, I don’t really do selfies, that’s one of the great things about Covid, you can go out with a beanie on and a face mask and if they do recognise you, you can also go, ‘Sorry I can’t be within six metres, go away’.”

Speaking further on the Andy Jaye podcast, he went on to recall a time a fan asked him for a selfie after his mum Shirley’s funeral.

He continued: “People listening will think, ‘Oh he’s stuck up’ and I get that but the fact is, when it is every single minute, or for example, you’ve come out of your mum’s funeral and they are like, ‘Let’s have a selfie’.


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