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Jenny Ryan: ‘We are punished’ The Chase star addresses contestant ‘disadvantage’ claim

The Chase star Jenny Ryan, 37, was tagged in a tweet by a Twitter user who said he believes the Chasers have more time than the contestants to answer the questions.

Within the final round, contestants go against the Chaser to answer questions in a bid to win their money they earned in the cash builder round.

The Twitter user wrote: “I do think chasers have a little advantage on final chase as they have more time I checked by time contestants buzz in and wait till name call to answer thats time chasers question and answer no buzzer pause or wait see who can answer that can be precious time and extra question.”(sic)

Jenny replied: “This is why we have the head start for the team – the steps cancel out the slight disadvantage of having to buzz in.

“The Chasers also have the disadvantage that we cannot guess/pass every question like the team can – we are punished for it with pushbacks.”

Another Twitter user claimed Jenny had easy questions in a recent episode of the show.

They wrote: “Easy questions for @jenlion #TheChase.”

The Vixen replied: “The doctor says I’m not supposed to roll my eyes any more; have a care before Tweeting claptrap.”

“Oh diddums. So because you steamrolled through them, others couldn’t? OK then… #TheChase.” the Twitter user responded.

In a lengthy Twitter exchange between the pair, Jenny expressed her point further in view of her 49,000 followers.

She wrote: “1) That’s the point. I’m a professional quizzer, I’m supposed to have a better hit rate than challengers.

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“2) Both sets A & B have equal distributions of easy, medium, hard qs. I did my job well.

“You remember me answering a couple of easy ones. That doesn’t add up to foul play.”

But, the Twitter user responded saying he wasn’t questioning her professionalism on any foul-play.

Earlier this month, Jenny Ryan also hit back at a Twitter user who queried if the celebrity version of The Chase is “fixed”.

The Chase viewer tagged Jenny in a post which read: “Can you tell me truthfully are Celebrity Chases fixed?

“It’s amazing how they always win big money and get four back for the Final Chase.”

Before Jenny replied to the tweet, a fan of The Chase responded insisting the same rules applied to both versions of the show.

They wrote: “They don’t always get big money or everyone back. I don’t know how many episodes you have watched, but clearly not enough to give a balanced view.

“Plus, I’ve been to filming of Celebrity ones and I can assure you, they’re not fixed!”

After the Twitter user then urged others to Google ‘Is Celeb Chaser fixed’, Jenny had her say.

Jenny replied: “Google results are not evidence. Accusations are not evidence either.

“There is no evidence, because there is nothing untoward going on.

“We literally have an independent adjudicator in studio to ensure everything is lawful and fair.”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.


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