Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck 'heading for a challenging end of year' astrologer claims

Speaking on behalf of SpinGenie, Inbaal explained: “The rest of 2024 is challenging for Leos, thanks to three main planets – Mercury, the planet of communication, Venus, the planet of love, and Mars, the planet of passion.

“Between July and September, Leos have a lot going on,” she continued, adding: “Communication planet Mercury is in Leo between 3 July 2024 and 25 July 2024, which means that plenty of conversations, meetings and social gatherings will be taking place.”

“From 12 July 2024 to 5 August 2024, the love planet Venus is in Leo, so there are romantic moments for those born under the sign of the Lion.

“Then, Mercury goes back into Leo again between 15 August 2024 to 9 August 2024, so it’s all about communication again, but lo and behold, Mercury is actually retrograde until 28 August.”

The astrologer went on: “This means that there will be misunderstandings, unintentional harsh words, and secrets revealed. Exes could be making a brief comeback too.

“Those two weeks leading up to 28 August will be tough for Leos, which is doubly risky in a relationship with two Leos.”

Inbaal pointed out that there could be a turning point for the pair as the year draws to a close.

“It is November and December that potentially seal the deal in Leo relationships for 2024,” Inbaal said.

“Mars, the planet of war, is in Leo from 4 November and for the rest of 2024. On and off, it stays there until June of 2025, and that is a time when Leos struggle to see eye to eye with those around them,” she added.

“Their need to be the winner pushes them to try and find success in any situation, and during those dates, their love is reduced to passion and conflict,” Inbaal noted.

As she bluntly concluded: “They leave no room for gentleness and compromise. Make up or break up? It won’t be easy either way.”


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