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Jasmine Harman, 45, brands herself the 'oldest and fattest' A Place In The Sun presenter 

“I thought, I’m hiding behind social media. I was sharing old pictures from shows that I filmed ages ago, because I was basically ashamed of myself. 

“I felt ashamed of how I had let myself go, especially as beforehand I had done a couple of interviews and a couple of photoshoots where I had been working out a lot and I was really happy, and I wasn’t having to deprive myself of anything.

“I felt like I had finally found that magic balance of wanting to eat junk food and eating healthily.”

However, with gyms around the country previously closed due to the coronavirus lockdown, Jasmine began to comfort eat while spending increased amounts of time at home.

The presenter continued: “I lost my motivation basically. I started comfort eating because I was feeling down. 

“So yeah, it was scary to share that post, but my integrity is really important to me, and when I read some of the comments on it, I was in tears, I was absolutely… I thought, ‘Everyone is so nice,’ and a lot of people said it really helped them.”


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