Japanese company creates dog house inspired by medieval architecture – prices start at £125,000

Think it’s worth it? (Picture: Inudono)

We all know our pets deserve only the very best, but this artfully crafted dog house takes things to a whole new level.

Constructed by a team of Japanese craftspeople led by Yoshihiro Tominaga, the Inudono is a dog house like no other.

The price tag is also pretty unique, in that it’ll set you back at least the equivalent of £125,000.

The dog house is modelled closely after traditional medieval architecture, and the process of making it looks pretty painstaking.

The team shared a video on YouTube describing all that went into making the Inudono, in which they refer to it as ‘a dog palace’.

Japanese Cyprus wood is used for the walls and the base of the roof, the base is granite, and the roof is tiled with copper sheets cut perfectly to size.

Imagine how that lovely that would look, glinting in the sunlight of your garden.

Many of the wood components may be small, but they were cut from thick trees that were over 100 years old because trees of that age have ‘exceptionally beautiful grain and texture,’ as one team member says in the nearly ten-minute-long video.

Under the clip, the team wrote: ‘We, heritage architects and master carpenters launched the Inudono Project to produce opulent dog kennel, which design is based on an architectural style first introduced to Japan with Zen Buddhism in the medieval period.’

They plan to make them to order (Picture: Inudono)
The process looks painstaking (Picture: Inudono)

According to the Inudono website, the dog house was modelled after the techniques used in building traditional shrines and temples.

Project leader Yoshihiro use to work at an office designing just that, and wrote on the website that the idea for the project started 20 years ago when he was new there.

He wanted to try his hand at designing something himself, and, inspired by his experience having a dog at his parent’s house, he designed a tongue-in-cheek canine-sized temple.

Now, two decades later, he’s been able to assemble a team and make that design a reality.

This one’s loving it (Picture: Inudono)

If you’re interested in having one yourself, you’ll have to be patient, as they’re made to order.

It’s also stipulated that they’re only for medium-sized dogs.

The carpenter will also not be working on the Inudono full time – he’s got human-sized temples and shrines to work on too, so they can only make one a year.

If that all sounds good to you, the team is taking reservations from September 1.

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