Janey Godley's hilarious Nicola Sturgeon voiceover as travel rules relaxed

Nicola Sturgeon made the announcement that travel restrictions were lifting in Scotland from Friday, and it was only a matter of time before Janey Godley created a voiceover.

Today, the First Minister said Scots will be able to travel anywhere in the country earlier than previously planned due to the continued suppression of coronavirus.

As Scots digested the fantastic news, comedian Janey Godley couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to recreate the FM’s message.

Janey has been posting coronavirus briefing videos for the last year and this one had her followers in stitches.

She started off: “Right need to get this mask off it’s stuck to ma f*****g ears… ma ears are itchy.

COVID-19 press conference – 22 February 2021 Scottish Government COVID-19 press conference at St. Andrew’s House, Edinburgh with the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon and Chief Medical Officer for Scotland, Dr Gregor Smith. Free to use, ScotGov Flickr

“Okay everybody Nicola here, how ye all doing? Well as ye know you can now travel about Scotland from Friday we can aw move aboot a wee bit mare.

“But April 26 hospitality and most shops will be open but this Friday it’s all the sixties, six people fae six households can meet outdoors but they still need to be careful because f**k knows that virus is still oot there!

“Ye still canny go to England just noo, and ye still canny go yer holidays – ye still canny go abroad.”

She added:” We’re all gonny be heading doon to f*****g Troon and Saltcoats, the holiday thing is what it is. At the end of the day, come July, we should be able to get some freedom but until then we’re still kept in so it is what it is.

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And wrapping up the piece, Janey warned Scots to stay safe.

She said: “So everybody yer gonny huv tae pull on yer emotional life jacket and keep yer family afloat, remember two alsatians apart at all times… don’t go mad this weekend, still try and stay safe because if that virus comes back we’re aw f*****d for the summer and I just canny cope with that to be honest.

“Make sure you don’t go into places that are mad, crowded busy – use yer judgement!

“If the place is heavin’ – f**k off away fae it that’s all am saying tae ye – bolt lit a rocket if it’s too busy. Right, a will see yeez aw next week. Look efter each other, dae the best ye kin! Yeez are dain absolutely brilliant!

“Right! Where’s ma clicky pen? Canny find f**k all my feet are killing me! Right need to put this mask on, God it smells like fish and chips a hud last night!

And finishing on her famous line: “Right Frank get the door, a want a wee quiche and tomata the day!”

Fans absolutely loved it.

Janey Godley hit out on twitter

One wrote: “Fantastic as always. These wee clips will be the only thing I’ll miss when this effing pandemic is over.”

Another added: “Love these so much-you make my day x”

While one commented: “Brilliant as always. It’s the ‘2 alsatians apart’ that brings on the tears of laughter!”

The First Minister also announced today that groups of up to six people from six different households will be able to meet in parks, gardens and for outdoor recreation from that day in a further easing of lockdown.

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The country will move from Level 4 of restrictions on April 26 to Level 3, the First Minister also confirmed, with a move to Level 2 set for May 17.

That means Scots will be able to meet up indoors in small numbers from that date, with further details to be announced.

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