Janey Godley reveals she has to inject herself nightly after ovarian cancer op

Janey Godley has revealed she has to inject herself nightly following her ovarian cancer op.

And the Scots comedian – who went viral around the UK and beyond with her funny voiceovers of Nicola Sturgeon during lockdown – admitted she is finding it difficult to put the needle in.

Janey, who underwent a hysterectomy for ovarian cancer earlier this month, has been told by doctors she will require ongoing treatment of chemotherapy and drugs to try to eradicate the disease after it reached stage three – spreading from her ovaries.

The Glasgow born talent suffered from appetite loss, frequent urination, bloating, and back and tummy pain which made her seek medical advice in November.

Janey Godley
Janey Godley has been diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer

It has given her a newfound respect for anyone in the same position.

She told her online followers: “I have to inject myself every night with blood thinners, it nips like fu**ity and I am convinced I am doing it wrong plus I have new respect for anyone who has to self inject for health reasons.”

The comedian added: “I am learning so many new skills and awareness through this diagnosis.”

After one fan suggested she could potentially take warfarin Janey told her the doctors treating her recommended she take injection and showed her how to do it.

Janey Godley’s first non fiction novel reflect life – accidentally

Janey also revealed she was injecting in to her thigh and told her followers she was feeling ‘a bit weird’ and has ‘been sleeping a lot ‘ at the moment and that ‘facing reality is too much of a hard job’.

She has just been launching her new book Nothing Left Unsaid about a women in the Royal Infirmary with cancer who is dying – which was written before her own diagnosis.

Then she joked she will write her new book about her with Michael Fassbender and all the Sandras in the caravan and winning the lottery.

She also said he daughter Ashley Storrie’s feelings need to be taken into account because she is ‘heartbroken’ about her cancer.


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