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Jamie Laing: Strictly star says dance partner Karen Hauer comes into his bedroom at night

Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing, 32, has quipped that his Strictly Come Dancing 2020 partner Karen Hauer, 38, “crawls into his room at night” to help him learn complicated routines for the BBC show. The star revealed the pair are putting in even more hard work in their rehearsals this week, as they unfortunately found themselves in the bottom two after performing their American Smooth last weekend.

Jamie explained: “So at the beginning, what happens is, is that you start training and you’re literally like, ‘Are you ever going to learn this?’

“It’s like learning a new language and it’s really scary and intimidating and it’s worrying and all these different things, but then slowly what happens is that your coach, your awesome professional partner, somehow gets it to sink in.”

The reality television personality, who is dating fellow Made In Chelsea star Sophie Habboo, then joked: “I honestly think Karen crawls into my room at night and she whispers into my ear what the steps have to be, and somehow it goes into your mind because you wake up one day and go, ‘Oh my God, that’s what this is, that’s what that is’.

“So it’s intense, it’s hard. Your back hurts, everything hurts, but it is the coolest thing you could ever possibly do.”

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Continuing in jest, Jamie, who made a comeback to Strictly after he got injured during the launch show last year, added: “Honestly, Karen comes to me in my room at night. 

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“Last night I woke up and Karen was in my room.

“I’m like, ‘Karen what are you doing here?’ And she said, ‘Sorry, I was whispering into your ear’.

“I tell her, ‘Alright, but listen, we’ve got a show to do and I need sleep, alright?, You get back to your room’,” Jamie told The Sun Online.


Host Zoe quickly spotted a bandage on Karen’s hand and wondered how she injured it.

Zoe asked: “Hand in a bandage? Is it okay? What have you done?”

“Ah yeah just a little candle burn,” Karen explained, while showing off her bandaged hand.

Turning to Jamie, Zoe jokingly quizzed: “Is that your fault as well?”

“I’m okay,” Karen assured the presenter as Jamie joked: “She’s just ruined our sympathy vote. what are we going to do now?”

Karen then faked pain as she told him: “I’m sorry! Please vote for us.”

Speaking about his performance last weekend, Jamie said: “Honestly, I said to Karen I am so nervous, I don’t know what to do and she just said, ‘Relax and have fun.’

“I thought this experience is about having fun and just going for it and not worry about anything and so I kind of want to just go, you know what, I get to dance with this lady.”


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