James Martin: Saturday Morning chef stunned over Strictly star Craig's 'car crash' TV jibe

As the chef prepared a dish, he chatted with the outspoken Strictly judge who spilled the details on how he was given the opportunity to appear as a panellist.

But Craig did not hold back as he claimed when the dancing programme was pitched to him he initially decided against joining the show, as he thought it would be “car crash” viewing.

Speaking to James, the Strictly star spilled: “The BBC got hold of me and asked will I come in and have a screen test of this new dance show where celebrities dance – called Strictly Come Dancing.

“And I asked, ‘Well, what does it entail?’”

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He continued: “And they said, ‘A celebrity will have to learn to dance with a professional and then they dance live in front of the TV.’

“And I said ‘That sounds like a car crash to me. Car crash TV, absolutely not.’”

His comments certainly caught James’ attention who could not help but chuckle at the Strictly judge.

Craig explained: “I said it sounds appalling. There’s absolutely no way a celebrity that has never danced before could possibly compete or come in with someone who has been training since they were three.

The TV personality proved to be a success on the dancing show, making it to week nine of the competition.

Strictly judge Craig has been a firm fixture on the panel since the show’s inception in 2004.

Meanwhile, the BBC favourite suffered an hilarious blunder during the cooking programme as he tried his hand at making sausages.

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James was joined by guest Debbie who attempted to show both chef and Strictly judge how to stuff meat into sausage casings.

But Craig appeared to be having his own “car crash” moment as he struggled to complete the task and make his own pork sausages.

To an amused James, he said: “I’m having a real bad time with this.”

Meanwhile, the TV chef took to Twitter today and thanked his fans for tuning into the cooking show as a brand new episode aired today.

In view of his 650,000 followers, he gushed: “Wow, 20 minutes in thanks for all your amazing comments it’s a pleasure to be back! 14 years of Saturday mornings and counting @sat_jamesmartin #saturdayjamesmartin.”


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