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James Martin: Saturday Morning chef addresses criticism ‘Are you having a laugh?'

Saturday Morning favourite James Martin, 47, has questioned a Twitter user after they criticised his sponge cake recipe due to the number of eggs required to bake it. The chef shared his “fuss-free” guide to cake making in a recent edition of the Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine.

James recommended the recipe to parents, writing: “Fuss-free, if you want to do some baking with your kids, start with a simple sponge cake, which you make with equal quantities of everything.”

However, one social media user seemed less than impressed with the recipe after attempting to make it.

They asked James on Twitter: “@jamesmartinchef Are you having a laugh? Have you actually baked this ‘cake’?”

After spotting the remark, the presenter helpfully tried to suggest where they could have gone wrong with the cake in view of his 678,000 followers.

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Insisting the recipe “works”, he replied: “Yes it works… you’re not whisking the eggs and sugar enough.”

Unfortunately, the Twitter user hit back by telling the chef she wasn’t willing to “waste another six eggs” for a second attempt.

They wrote back: “Sorry but I’m not wasting another six eggs! Six!! For a sponge that isn’t a sponge and never will be!”

James quickly brushed off the critical comment by simply replying with a question mark.

Elsewhere, James shared a surprising revelation about how he feels about his shows.

The star has been a regular on TV for over two decades and has become a fan favourite on programmes including Ready Steady Cook, BBC’s Saturday Kitchen and most recently, ITV’s Islands to Highlands.

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However, James revealed his worries that he would “change” if he started tuning into his shows after filming.

During an interview with The Sun’s TV Mag, the small-screen star divulged: “It may sound really weird but I’ve never actually watched a single show I’ve done. I get the feeling if I did, I’d change.”

He continued: “I’d look at myself and think: ‘Oh s**t, I shouldn’t have worn that!’ or: ‘We won’t do that angle again, look at that double chin!’”

James then suggested that “life is too bl**dy short” to concern himself about how he comes across on his shows.

He added: “Honestly, life is too bl**dy short. 

“I love my job and I’m very privileged to do it and try my very best.”

James Martin’s Saturday Morning airs today at 9.25am on ITV.


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