It’s the law, so why are people still not wearing masks? | Brief letters

Six men in the queue for papers on Wednesday morning; four had no face coverings (Let’s not pretend the anti-mask babies would have lasted a minute in the blitz, 30 November). As I collected my Guardian, I faced the queue and in a loud, penetrating voice (I’m a retired head of a comprehensive) I said: “Where are your masks?” They all looked sheepish while I said: “You’re all in detention tonight.” How do they think medical staff cope with full PPE?
Vicki Morley
Penzance, Cornwall

What do the fox, the hare, the pheasant, the partridge and the wild duck have in common? They form the quintet of Marks & Spencer’s “animal socks” designs, neatly stitched, in attractive colours. A quirky choice of British wild animals, I thought, until I realised that they are celebrating British hunting. There’s a handkerchief range too.
R Cullen

I have just received an invoice from Parcelforce to pay £40.88 in customs charges for a box of wine that my father sends each year for Christmas. It’s a pity that these charges apply to us all and not just Brexit voters.
Ellen Hollingworth
Gislingham, Suffolk

What Jonathan Van-Tam failed to mention in his football analogy (The politics sketch, 29 November) was that we started the match against Covid 10-nil down as a result of a decade of NHS underfunding.
Deirdre Burrell
Mortimer, Berkshire

If a Pi variant of Covid emerges, will it be 3.142 times as infectious?
Chris Baker
Willington, Derbyshire

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