It's knives out in our dishwasher dispute | Brief letters

Dr Jon Van Niekerk suggests reasons why, for many people, a return to normal life after lockdown may be psychologically difficult (Take things slowly as lockdown ends to avoid ‘re-entry’ syndrome, 13 March). No doubt there is much truth in what he says, but he omits one of the most important anxiety factors – the government’s past misjudgments about when coming out of lockdown is safe.
Martin Payne
Bawburgh, Norwich

Thanks to Grace Dent (Love is turning a blind eye to squashed tea bags that don’t make it to the bin, 12 March) for bringing tears (of laughter) to my eyes in her realistic account of sharing a kitchen with a loved one. A real tonic on a dull Saturday morning. Personally, I see nothing wrong with having an antique mint sauce collection.
Barbara Thompson

Grace Dent comprehensively and amusingly describes the battleground of kitchen wars. She cites the dishwasher as one of the theatres of battle. Our views about stacking it pull in different directions too. We call it plate tectonics.
Jonathan Hauxwell
Crosshills, North Yorkshire

Maybe George Greenhough (Letters, 11 March) would agree that “ex-president Boris” sounds much better. Good luck with voting Charles III out.
John Evans
Stroud, Gloucestershire

The correction factor Dr Robert Boon is looking for (Letters, 14 March) is the number of postal workers with the flaps on their hats pulled down over their ears.
Anthony Hinxman
Portland, Oregon, United States


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