‘It’s fab for £6.99 and really big’ mum beams as she shows off ‘great bargain’ that’s perfect for keeping the kids cool

A WOMAN has raved about a cheap buy that is great for keeping kids cool.

And with the weather heating up, if you want to ensure that your children enjoy time in the garden, without getting too hot, then you’ll need to check this out. 

A mother has proudly showed off her latest purchase - a £6.99 buy from Smyts


A mother has proudly showed off her latest purchase – a £6.99 buy from SmytsCredit: Getty
Thanks to the cheap buy, Samantha Yates' son is sure to keep cool this summer - and not only that, but it's bound to provide hours of entertainment too


Thanks to the cheap buy, Samantha Yates’ son is sure to keep cool this summer – and not only that, but it’s bound to provide hours of entertainment tooCredit: Facebook/Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK

One savvy shopper was left open-mouthed when browsing the aisles in her local Smyths toy store.

Samantha Yates spotted a bargain buy for just £6.99, and was so pleased with her purchase – the Intex Crystaln Blue Paddling Pool – that she took to social media to show it to others.

Posting on Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, a private Facebook group with 2.5 million members, Samantha shared a snap of her young son enjoying time in his new paddling pool.

Alongside the post, the savvy mum beamed: “Got this paddling pool for £7 from Smyths in Wigan in store.” 

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Samantha was lucky enough to get her hands on the the cheap paddling pool, and she later confirmed that there were plenty left on the shelves.

She added: “There was loads.. there’s a bigger one than this for £10.

“We got the smaller one just because we have a small garden.

“Not sure whether there’s any online as we got it in store.”

The mother explained that she was thrilled with not only the price of the paddling pool, but the size too.

She confirmed: “It’s fab for £6.99…we didn’t realise how big it was.” 

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The paddling pool is recommended for children aged three and above. 

It’s made with thick, durable plastic for long-lasting outdoor use and is perfect for hours of summer fun. 

Designed with three inflatable rings, this pool sets up easily in any back garden.

Whilst pumps are sold separately, these pools come with a repair patch, for an easy fix.

Five ways to keep your kids cool in the heat

IT can be really difficult – and costly – to keep kids cool when it’s hot outside. But Fabulous Digital Senior Reporter and mum-of-two Sarah Bull shares five ways to help, and they won’t break the budget either.

Strip them off

It might sound simple, but stripping kids off at home can really help them regulate their temperature when it’s warm outside. Just remember to regularly apply suncream, as more of their skin will be exposed to the sun.

Cool down bedrooms before nighttime

When it’s hot outside, it can be difficult for kids to go to sleep – especially if their bedroom feels like an oven. If you have a room that’s not in direct sunshine, keep the windows open to let in a breeze. It’s also a good idea to keep the curtains closed, to prevent the room from heating up.

Wear a hat

Another simple technique, but one that really works. Make sure that if your kids are playing outside, they’ve got a hat on. It keeps their face and head shielded from the sun, and also helps if you’ve got a little one who struggles with bright sunlight. If your tot struggles to keep a hat on, try one with a strap that goes under the chin to help.

Avoid the car

The car can be one of the hottest places during a heatwave, and often takes a long time to cool down. If you have the option, it’s better to stay at home rather than taking kids out anywhere in a hot car.

Stay hydrated

This is always important, but even more so in a heatwave. Make sure you’re regularly reminding your kids to have a drink, and top them up with cool liquids whenever you can. Use ice too to ensure it’s as cold as it can possibly be.


Samantha’s post has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed over 100 likes.

Social media users were loft open-mouthed at the cheap buy and many flocked to the comments to express this.

Great bargain

Facebook user

One person said: “Wow!”

Another added: “Wow that’s really good!!” 

A third commented: “Great bargain, looks big as well.” 

Whilst someone else posted: “Pretty good deal!” 

How to save money on summer essentials

SUNNIER days and warmer weather will leave many of us wanting to kit out gardens and outdoor areas.

Sun Savers Editor Lana Clements explains how to get a great deal on summer essentials…

It pays to know how to bag big savings on the likes of hot tubs paddling pools, egg chairs and outside bars.

Many retailers have flash sales across entire ranges – often this ties into payday at the end of the month or Bank Holiday weekends.

Sign up to the mailing lists of your favourite brands and you’ll be first to know of special offers. It can be worth following retailers on social media too.

Keep a close eye on the specialbuys at Aldi and middle of Lidl drops which drop a couple of times a week and usually mean great value seasonal items such as beach gear and paddling pools.

If you are not in a hurry to buy an item, try adding it to the shopping cart and leaving it for a couple of days.

Sometimes big brands will try to tempt you into the sale by offering you a discount.

Always check if you can get cashback before paying. It’s especially worth using sites such as Topcashback, Quidco and app Jamdoughnut when buying bigger ticket items such as garden furniture as you’ll get a nice kickback.


Not only this, but many Smyths shoppers flocked to the website to share their thoughts on the affordable buy.

One parent explained: “Great little pool – picture is good scale, can comfortablly have four kids playing in it.

Plenty of space for my two children

Smyths shopper

“Good depth, not deep enough to be dangerous, but deep enough for the kids to have a sense of a swimming pool that they can pretend to swim in.”

A second chimed in: “Excellent value paddling pool. Good size. Perfect for our three year old granddaughter.”

Whilst another shared: “Was very skeptical about the size – when got it home and filled it up the size was huge! Plenty of space for my two children!”

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