It’s a soldier’s life for me at 75, apparently | Brief letters

Re your article (Researchers crack question of whether couples start looking alike, 12 October), now in my 93rd year and having been married for 71 years, I find it amazing that none of the quoted scientists have thought to look at couples’ pictures on their wedding day. For many years, I have always commented on how many couples look alike. I have understood that if one is satisfied and happy with their own physical appearance, then they are attracted to someone with the same basic facial appearance. My husband and I would support this theory – it certainly proved a good choice for us.
Joan Carter
Torrington, Devon

Like Zoe Williams (I’m a middle-aged pacifist – so why do Rishi Sunak and co want me to join the army?, 9 October), I completed the government’s careers questionnaire. I filled it in as honestly as I could and was rather impressed to find that as a 75-year-old, I am recommended a career in armed combat or the police.
Lesley Cunneen

Re your report (High number of fatal Australian shark attacks prompts concern hunting grounds are shifting, 13 October), who in their right mind would want to deliberately provoke a shark?
David Wright

My uncle, when questioned about his honeymoon, said he and my aunt spent two weeks at Loggerheads (Letters, 13 October).
Derek Taylor

At the risk of causing Lewis Rudd greater annoyance (Letters, 14 October), the pop group ABC accurately predicted nearly 40 years ago that “tiers are not enough”.
Ian Grieve
Gordon Bennett, Llangollen canal


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