Is peanut butter vegan?

Who needs bread when you can just eat it by the spoonful? (Picture: Getty)

If you’re thinking of trying Veganuary next month, or just making an effort to cut down on animal products – you’ve probably got quite a few questions.

Sure, we know the basics – no meat, no fish, no eggs, no cheese – but there’s always the odd product that catches you out. Think honey or avocado.

So what about peanut butter? That beloved, claggy spread that welds your mouth shut and fills your heart with joy. Is it actually vegan?

The simple answer is yes. But not always. The problem is that all peanut butter recipes vary slightly, so you’re never 100% guaranteed an entirely vegan product.

Most peanut butters are pretty simple and contain peanuts, oil, and salt. Some have added sugar, but most kinds of peanut butter are totally vegan-friendly. And don’t worry – there isn’t any actual butter in peanut butter – despite the name.

The only thing you really need to keep an eye out for is honey. It’s uncommon – but some recipes include honey for a touch of added sweetness, instead of using sugar.

Honey isn’t vegan because it’s an animal product. Bees produce honey for themselves, not for humans, so many vegans think it’s unethical to eat it.

So if you’re sticking strictly to your vegan diet, make sure you opt for a brand of peanut butter that doesn’t contain any added honey.

But other than that, peanut butter is a great addition to a vegan diet and a fantastic way to pile some extra protein into your breakfast or mid-morning snack.

Try it on toast sure, but you can also add a dollop to curry sauces and noodles for a creamy, luxurious touch.

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