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Iraq considering ban on video games over social, moral concerns – AltChar

There seems to be a global resurgence of the moral, ethical and other concerns when it comes to video games, as Iraqi authorities expressed concern over the spread of games that in their opinion cause violence among the country’s youth.

An Iraqi member of parliament Sami’a Ghulab recently stated, “The Committee on Culture, Information, Tourism, and Archeology views with great concern the spread of the phenomenon of electronic games that is causing violence among children, and young boys and girls.”

The issue is said to be firmly linked to a case from November 2018, when a young man shot his friend from a shotgun while they were roleplaying PUBG. 

The authorities feel that aggressive tendencies in children and young adults are a pressing matter. However, they think that rather than the situation the country is in, it is the games that are at fault.

Ghulab thinks that it is time for the government to “end this negative phenomenon through the issuance of legislation to prevent the circulation of these games.”

This sentiment has been echoed by some regional religious authorities, who have already issued opinions that games like PUBG should not be played for more than a few minutes per day.

Unfortunately for PUBG Corp, this is the second time their game has been discussed by a government in a very short period of time, with Nepalese government banning the game altogether less than a week ago.

For what it’s worth, Nepalese authorities didn’t waste much from the parent reports to the actual ban and the decision is said to have been made the same day. In fact, it took more to implement the decision through the country’s internet providers, than it took to decide that games are indeed corrupting youths.

BlueholePlayer is walking towards a bike while looking at the sunset in PUBGPUBG

Ironically enough, PUBG’s creator Brendan Greene has recently said that we’ve given people enough ways to kill each other, which is why he’s looking to develop different kinds of gaming experiences in his new job. Well, he just got another reason to do so.

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