Inner Mettle: IM Earth Connect sneakers sustaining people and earth debuts on Kickstarter

Startup apparel brand in fashion innovation and sustainability is pushing its mission to solve environmental issues created by modern living. IM Earth Connect, an everyday sneaker with bio conductive earthing technology emulating walking barefoot, was created to enable grounding in an urban environment. The debut of the shoes on Kickstarter intends to educate sneaker enthusiasts on the negative effects increased electrical charge could have on our wellbeing, as well as the benefits of going back to zero.

“I’ve never been a great fan of running, but once I started running barefoot I noticed it actually felt good. Over time I realised it wasn’t just the bio-mechanics at play but the fact that I was connecting to the earth which made me feel better,” Inam Saleem, Founder of Inner Mettle, recalls the moment he decided to invest into inventing the sneakers.

Bare feet are conductive, which allows for earthing on a grounded surface, balancing electrons from the earth’s surface with those of the human body. This can help stabilise the internal bioelectrical environment important to the optimal functioning of human systems.

“The best way we can support and boost our bodies’ health is conductively by grounding outside to the earth. The moment we touch the earth we are conductively connected to the energy that the earth puts out, and that’s a healing practice called grounding. I recommend it to every single patient,” comments Laura Koniver, MD.

The perfect climate and availability of safe grounds to walk on barefoot aren’t always available to follow this tip. This is where the IM Earth Connect shoes come in handy. Antonia Whillans felt lucky to be able to test the shoes taking her dog for a grounding walk every morning. “It may sound bizarre but I feel like I have more energy in my legs, and feel more centred to start my day,“ she enthuses.

Research has linked earthing to health benefits, such as lower inflammation in the body, reduced muscle damage, reduced blood viscosity and increased energy. “Our intention is to use part of the funding from Kickstarter to further validate existing studies that support earthing and its impact on human biology,” Saleem comments.

Made from recyclable materials, the lightweight yet durable shoes with a good grip tick the comfort, as much as the sustainability box. Inner Mettle is also hatching a plan to take shoes back at the end of their lifecycle. Inner Mettle’s ecological and wellness philosophy is also reflected in its other products, such as its activewear made of plastic-free castor beans material and innerwear made from milk waste fabric, both helping to save the environment and skin. Whilst the grounding shoes are a niche product, Inner Mettle’s hope is that the world takes a closer look to understand the benefits and break into the mainstream market.

The IM Earth Connect shoes campaign debut runs for another fews weeks on Kickstarter.

Read more about Inner Mettle on the brandpage:


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