Incredible snaps from Ocean Photographer of the Year 2021 give glimpse of problems marine life face

Some of the breathtaking aquatic images from this year (Picture: Ocean Photography Awards/Triangle News)

Remember the Comedy Wildlife Photos Awards from a few weeks ago?

We have some more animal snaps for you to feast on – but this time we are diving deep into the world’s oceans. 

Incredible photos from Ocean Photographer of the Year 2021 have been released and, while many are visual spectacles, they also highlight the environmental problems marine life face.

Australian photographer Aimee Jan was selected as the overall Ocean Photographer of the Year 2021, with a stunning image of a green sea turtle surrounded by a school of glass fish – captured on Ningaloo Reef in Australia.

The winning snap of a green turtle, surrounded by glass fish (Picture: Aimee Jan/Ocean Photography Awards/TNG)

Speaking about the breathtaking photo, Amiee said: ‘I was out snorkelling when one of my colleagues told me there was a turtle under a ledge in a school of glass fish, about 10 metres down.

‘When I dived down to look, the fish separated around the turtle perfectly. I said to her: “I think I just took the best photo I have ever taken.”’

An American crocodile glides through the water at sunset at Gardens of the Queen, Cuba (Picture: Tanya Houppermans/Ocean Photography Awards/TNG)
Playful grey seals (Picture: Grant Thomas/Ocean Photography Awards/TNG)

Elsewhere, images of Vietnamese anchovy fishing boats, a green turtle hatchling, diving gannets appear on the list – as well as crocodiles, penguins and blue whales.

Anchovy fishing boats photographed from above (Picture: Thien Nguyen Ngoc/Ocean Photography Awards/TNG)
A portrait of a squid (Picture: Matty Smith/Ocean Photography Awards/TNG)

However, many of the entries also give a glimpse of the severity of the climate crisis, as organisers asked photographers to ‘shine a light on the beauty of the ocean and the threats it faces’ with their photos.

One shows a seahorse tangled on a medical face mask, while another depicts a lizardfish holding a discarded cigarette in its mouth. 

A seahorse clings to a face mask (Picture: Nicholas Samaras/Ocean Photography Awards/TNG)
A lizardfish tries to eat a cigarette filter (Picture: Steven Kovacs/Ocean Photography Awards/TNG)

Anyone looking to see the photos in the flesh can do so from September 17 to October 17. 

The images are on display at a free, month-long outdoor public exhibition on the Queen’s Walk – by the Thames River in London.

More of the entries can be found below:

A cave diver is silhouetted against a colourful backdrop in cenote Chikin Ha (Picture: Martin Broen/Ocean Photography Awards/TNG)
A shiver of hammerhead sharks (Picture: Rodrigo Thome/Ocean Photography Awards/TNG)
A whale shark surrounded by a school of juvenile golden trevally (Picture: Alex Kydd/Ocean Photography Awards/TNG)
Two emperor penguins mating (Picture: Stefan Christmann/Ocean Photography Awards/TNG)
Seabirds as they embark on fishing dives (Picture: Henley Spiers/Ocean Photography Awards/TNG)

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