Inbetweeners star and Scots wife have Chuckle Brothers-style row over TV

Inbetweeners star James Buckley and his Scots wife Clair had their YouTube followers in stitches in their latest video, as the pair attempted (very badly) to put a TV on the wall.

James Buckley – who played fan favourite loudmouth Jay Cartwright in the Channel 4 show – and his wife had to buy a new TV after theirs exploded.

Recording their DIY skills for their YouTube channel, At Home with the Buckleys, which has over 135k followers, the pair spoke to the camera and told them that when it exploded it was like ‘something from a cartoon’.

The couple can be seen in shot holding the TV in a ‘Chuckle Brothers’ fashion as Irvine-born former model Clair stands on the unit while shouting: “James! I can’t lift it above my head!”

“James! There’s no way I’m getting that up there – I’ve no got the height!”

James replies: “You need to push it up! You can get your hands up!”

He adds: “I can’t understand why…”

James doesn’t get to finish his sentence as Clair shouts: “James, I can’t lift it above my head!! I’m not strong enough!!”

The couple had their viewers in stitches

She adds: “I don’t think you comprehend how much of a tiny woman I am!!”

After struggling, the new TV was finally fixed to the wall and Clair adds: “That’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen!”

And fans were in hysterics at the pair.

James Buckley and his wife Clair have two children together

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One wrote: “Watching you two trying to put that reasonably sized TV up on the wall was pure comedy gold!”

Clair and James struggled to get the TV on the wall

Another added: “Buckley’s TV Installations !!!! It was like watching Laurel & Hardy move a piano……”

While one said: “the more angry Clair gets the more scottish she sounds, amazing as always.”

Another commented: “Yous two lifting that TV is the most relatable thing ever. Every couple has those moments.”

Clair and James on their wedding day

And one said: “Comedy classic with the tv. Reminds me I must watch the chuckle brothers over the weekend.”

James and Clair tied the knot at Dundas Castle near Edinburgh in 2012 and have two sons together Jude and Harrison.

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