'I'm uninviting my mum from my wedding over cruel gift she gave to my fiancé'

A bride-to-be says she’s uninvited her mum from wedding after she gifted her wheelchair user fiancé a pair of running shoes for his birthday as part of a cruel ‘joke’

Man in wheelchair opening present (Stock Photo)
Her mother has been cruel to her husband-to-be from their first meeting (Stock photo)

A woman claims to have been left appalled after her mum gifted her husband-to-be, who uses a wheelchair, a pair of running shoes, “joking” that she hoped “he’d use them one day”.

The shocked bride-to-be says she first met her husband at a group therapy session, where she learned that he’d lost his mother in the same accident which left him unable to walk.

However, the cruel gift wasn’t the first time her mum had attempted to humiliate or upset her “kind-hearted” fiancé.

She is said to have acted rude towards him from the off, teasing him unkindly and even “joking” that he was responsible for the accident that killed his own mother.

This particular remark was made on the anniversary of his mum’s death, and left the groom-to-be in tears. She later apologised and, two weeks ago, got in touch to ask if she could attend his birthday party.

Graciously, he said this would be fine with him, not knowing what was in store next.

She’s previously made jokes about him being responsible for his mother’s death (Stock photo)


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Taking to Reddit, the horrified soon-to-be bride wrote: “She came and was all loving and cheerful, she apologised for the past ‘misunderstandings’ and my fiancé was confused by her change of heart.

“We had a great time until after dinner. She gave him a box saying this was her gift for his birthday, He opened it and what we saw was a pair of Nike running shoes.

“He looked at her and she started laughing then said something about being optimistic and hoping he’d use them one day”.

At this point the poster – who goes by the username u/throwRA007671 – “lost it” and an altercation began.

Her mother claimed it was “just a joke”, however the poster argued that it was “utter humiliation”. Her soon-to-be husband said it was all okay, but she flatly disagreed, bringing her mother outside to talk.

She recalled: “She kept arguing saying she didn’t mean for this to play out like that, and that he was being too sensitive and could use more therapy cause his reaction should’ve been to laugh.

“I said she’s no longer welcome to the wedding. She acted shocked saying I was really taking this too seriously, but I insisted that she send back the invite”.

Although her dad has tried to act as a mediator between them, pleading with her to resend the invite, the poster has stood firm in her decision, and her fellow Reddit users believe she’s right to do so.

One person wrote: “Do not re-invite her to your wedding. To be honest, after the way she has behaved on those two occasions I’d be considering cutting her out of my life altogether.

“What she has done on both occasions is beyond cruel. No one needs a person like this in their life”.

Another said: “Definitely do not reinvite your mom. But you should send her a gift. You should get her a special custom mother of the bride placard and send it with a card that says ‘haha get it, it’s funny because you’re not going!'”

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