In March, my editor and I joked on Slack about the proliferation of the name “Baby” in rap right now. That conversation quickly turned into the piece, “The Best Rappers in the World Are Babies.” From there, the headline spun off into an in-magazine graph, incessant questions from social media on why I didn’t include more babies on my initial lists, and constant explaining that Lil Baby and DaBaby are, indeed, different people.

The fact that I’m writing about a music video called “Baby” by Lil Baby and DaBaby six months later is now difficult. My critical adoration for the two rappers hasn’t decreased, but my ability to make jokes about rap babies has plummeted. There are only so many funny infant-adjacent headlines one man can engineer in a calendar year. Regardless, the duo’s video, which doubles as a Scarface homage, is predictably entertaining and painfully obvious — a hallmark of DaBaby’s work. Is a rapper truly a rapper if their favorite movie isn’t the 1983 Al Pacino-starring, gangster vehicle? The Daps-directed visual features both Baby and DaBaby recreating the classic chainsaw, bathroom scene, albeit with more jewelry. It’s worth four minutes of your time, if you’re willing to not think about it too hard.


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