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‘I’m in deep s***’ Jeremy Clarkson concerned after suffering ‘awful accident’ on farm

Jeremy Clarkson has shared how he’d been involved in an “awful accident” recently. The star admitted he had a crash on his Diddly Squat farm last week in a new interview.

Traditionally known for his driving prowess, Jeremy made a name for himself as the presenter of Top Gear.

However, the broadcaster recently swapped cars for the country after taking on farming in the show Clarkson’s Farm.

The eight-episode Amazon series sees him adjusting to life as a farmer.

This comes with a steep learning curve as he suffered numerous mishaps on the farm.

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He shared how he’d driven a £20,000 machine into a “lone telegraph pole in a 52-acre field”.

Jeremy penned: “I saw the pole coming from way back. And I watched it grow larger in the windscreen. And then I hit it.

“Actually, that’s not strictly accurate. I didn’t hit it. Nor did the tractor.

“But a wing of the six-metre-wide disc the tractor was towing did, at 17kph. The damage was substantial.


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