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'I'm giving birth!' Madonna, 63, bemuses fans with NFT art featuring 3D scan of her vagina

However, many of Madonna’s 18 million Instagram fans were full of nothing but praise for the star, with @josejacob100 exclaiming: “You are the greatest visionary icon of all time, queen!”

That said, @jaimeboy seemed more interested in hearing her music, questioning: “But are you writing some new amazing pop songs?”

The term NFT stands for “non-fungible token”, which means a totally unique piece of digital art that buyers can purchase, trade or sell online using digital currency.

Some art collectors have hailed NFTs as a great modern trend, while others argue that there is a high chance for those purchasing to lose their money or get scammed.

However celebrities including Paris Hilton have also joined the trend, encouraging buyers to sell and trade digital images of her too.


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