I’m a nurse & mums tell me ‘I can’t afford Xmas this year’ – it breaks my heart, my secret hack to get new gifts for £1

A SAVVY woman has revealed her clever trick to get new Christmas gifts for just £1. 

Francesca, who is otherwise known as ‘Your Thrifting Bestie’, took to her social media to share the hack after receiving a comment that broke her heart.

A nurse has revealed how she gets her kids new gifts for just £1


A nurse has revealed how she gets her kids new gifts for just £1Credit: francescacharityshop/TikTok
She's found Nike shoes for dirt cheap at charity shops


She’s found Nike shoes for dirt cheap at charity shopsCredit: francescacharityshop/TikTok
She's also found branded handbags


She’s also found branded handbagsCredit: francescacharityshop/TikTok

The comment reads: “I can’t even afford Christmas this year”. 

“Unfortunately it’s the case for a lot of families this year,” Francesca explained. “I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to spend full price.” 

Turning the camera on herself, viewers could see the brunette woman dressed in her nurse’s outfit. 

“I’m an end-of-life nurse and a mum to two children,” she went on to share, before explaining that people don’t need to go to big-brand toy shops to get their Christmas presents.

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Instead, she headed into a branch of Age UK’s charity shops. 

“You can go to shops like this and pay a fraction of the price and come out with brand new, unopened, still sealed items,” she said, while revealing several games including the Hoopla Game, Experimake and Snakes & Ladders.” 

“Instead of paying £30 for something, you can pay £1 and come out with things like this,” she went on, sharing several other toys and board games. 

Francesca, who is mum to a nine-year-old and a three-year-old, said we need to break the stigma that it’s necessary to spend thousands of pounds on the children for December 25. 

She then revealed the different items she would pick up for teenagers, who are notoriously difficult to buy for. 

The nurse managed to find several Michael Kors bags, Nike shoes, card games and comic books.

Francesca said she found items for just £2-£3, when they would normally cost £100. 

She ended the video by revealing a giant bag full of charity shop finds that she paid just £8.50. 

In the caption, she added: “please don’t worry about Christmas…it can be affordable! 

“I’m also going to be helping some families in need this Christmas as well,” followed by a heart emoji. 

People were quick to comment as one person wrote: “I buy so much second hand but brand new for birthdays / Christmas – save a fortune!”

Another said: “I think even a few £1 things would make kids happy,” to which TikTok user @francescacharityshop replied: “yes!! This is so right”. 

While a third added: “I think 90% of what I buy my daughter is second hand”. 


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