I’m a new mum & my hack to store your babygrows will save you LOADS of space – plus it’s so easy

A MUM of two has come up with a brilliant idea to store babygrows – and all you need is a few hangers.

Macy McCaslin took to TikTok to share a video of her clever hack, which involves turning the baby outfits upside down and placing them on the hanger.

Macy McCaslin took to TikTok to share a hack of how to store babygrows


Macy McCaslin took to TikTok to share a hack of how to store babygrowsCredit: TikTok/ macymccaslin

She then uses the poppers to do the onesies up, before popping them into the wardrobe.

“If you are a mum and your baby is still in onesies, I have a mom hack for you,” she said in the video.

“Whip your onesies over, snap them, you can hang three on a hanger – not only does it create more space but you can also see what you have.”

Fellow mums were quick to praise Macy for the hack, with one writing: “Super smart!”

“Omg I’m going to do this!” another wrote. “I was just thinking I don’t have enough drawer space.”

Someone else commented: “I was just redoing my son’s closet and ran out of hangers. You saved the day

“34 weeks and started washing all of baby boys clothes today, im totally doing this when I take them out of the dryer tonight!!!!” a mum-to-be added, before writing: “thanks!”

Others like the idea, but admitted they didn’t have the patience to enforce it in their house.

“I am not ashamed to say I do not have patience for this and everything is thrown aimlessly into drawers, but this is a cute idea!!” one mum wrote.

She was praised by other mums for the clever idea


She was praised by other mums for the clever ideaCredit: TikTok/ macymccaslin

To which Macy replied: “No shame at all girl!!! You gotta do what you gotta do!”

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