I’m a mum-of-ten at 47 – people say I have way too many kids but I don’t care, they keep me young

A MUM-OF-TEN has revealed how she constantly gets told she has too many children by people online.

Janel, from Utah, US is 47 years old and recently gave birth to her youngest son, Stone, earlier this year.

Janel revealed that people constantly tell her she has too many kids - but she wouldn't change a thing


Janel revealed that people constantly tell her she has too many kids – but she wouldn’t change a thingCredit: Tiktok/@happiness10timesover

And Janel revealed that lots of people tell her she has had too many children in a clip she posted on TikTok.

In the video posted to her account, Happiness 10 Times Over, she wrote: “POV: every time someone says I have too many kids, I live a year longer.”

She dubbed the video with the song “I’m going to live forever.”

In the caption, she asked: “Is 10 too many?”

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ANd viewers of the video were quick to share their opinions in the comments section of the video.

One wrote: “The pinned video where all the older children look tired, consider them too.”

“So many!” Another user exclaimed.

A third commented: “Financial burden with so many kiddos.”

Meanwhile a fourth said: “for 10 kids you look fabulous you have a very pretty skin.”

“10 is perfect! I have 10 as well!” penned another.

In another video, the mum shared a picture of her large family.

With six sons and four daughters ranging between the ages of 28 and five months old, the mum certainly has her work cut out.

Janel wrote: “Me at 46 thinking I’m done having kids.

“Me at 47 having baby number ten,” as she shows a picture of her in hospital with her newborn son.

Stone was born back in January of this year, and while everyone in the family is thrilled about having a new baby brother – trolls online seem to think it was a bad idea.

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One commented: “I feel for your older kids. They are stuck taking care of the younger ones.”

“Absolutely not fair for the kids!” another exclaimed.

Many people praised the mum for raising ten children


Many people praised the mum for raising ten childrenCredit: Tiktok/@happiness10timesover


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