I’m a mum-of-11 & my kids get called a ‘bunch of future felons’ – I’ll never let them attack my babies

A MUM-OF-11 has hit back in the best possible way after cruel trolls dubbed her children a ”bunch of future felons”.

Yalancia Rosario, from Texas, the USA, took to TikTok to shut the bullies who insisted her 11 kids will grow up to commit crime.

The mum-of-11, from Texas, took to TikTok to hit back at the haters in the best possible way


The mum-of-11, from Texas, took to TikTok to hit back at the haters in the best possible wayCredit: Tiktok/@that_rosario_life
Yalancia, 32, shared her kids' career choices, including a future president and an aspiring chef


Yalancia, 32, shared her kids’ career choices, including a future president and an aspiring chefCredit: Tiktok/@that_rosario_life
The family, unfortunately, gave birth to a stillborn baby in 2015


The family, unfortunately, gave birth to a stillborn baby in 2015Credit: Tiktok/@that_rosario_life

The stunning beauty, who gave birth to her first – and only – daughter last year, may regularly be mocked for her parenting choices.

But one thing Yalancia, 32, will certainly never let happen is vicious trolls attack her brood – which she recently brilliantly proved on the family’s social media platform.

After being told her 10 little boys and the baby girl will eventually become criminals, the young mum proudly posed with the kids whilst sharing their career choices.

One of the boys, the video revealed, had aspirations of becoming a firefighter, whilst his elder brother wanted to become a police officer one day.

The Rosario family also had a future editor amongst them, as well as proud store owner, a foodie who saw himself as a chef when he’s older.

Meanwhile, one of the youngest kids was dreaming of becoming a president one day, whilst his big sibling was determined to land himself a role as a NASCAR racer.

Who even make this comment about those precious kids?


”I don’t care what trolls say about me but they’ll keep their mouths off my babies,” Yalanicia went on in the comments.

Yalancia, who was born in 1996, gave birth to her first tot in 2009 and had her second child in 2012.

The rest of the bumper brood joined the family in 2013, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022 and 2024 – when she gave birth to twins, one of whom was a baby daughter.

Tragically, in 2015, baby Armani was stillborn.

Sue Radford shares close-up look into half term caravan holiday with bumper brood

After discovering she was pregnant with the couple’s tenth child, Yalancia and her hubby Michael, 37, had decided that this would be their last child – but little did they know there would be a surprise.

The mini tots were born early last March and both weighed an impressive 11lb 4oz.

“Popping out my 10th boy and first girl (twins) after being told it would never happen,” the video read.

Whilst Yalancia had finally fulfilled her dream of having a little girl, the mum confessed that some people were convinced both twins would be boys.

“A lot thought it would be two boys. Don’t play the impossible, I’m loving it here,” she captioned the heartwarming video.

Although the mum-of-11 wished her daughter “could have a little sissy,” she’s happy knowing she’s got plenty of older brothers to look after her.

Who’s who in the Radford family?

The Radfords are Britain’s biggest family with 22 children.

Here are the kids from eldest to youngest include:

  • Chris – born May 7, 1989
  • Sophie – born December 13, 1993
  • Chloe – born July 31, 1995 
  • Jack – born April 9, 1997
  • Daniel – born March 3, 1999 
  • Luke – born October 1, 2000 
  • Millie Radford – born August 29, 2001
  • Katie – born November 14, 2002
  • James – born October 17, 2003
  • Ellie – born May 6, 2005 
  • Aimee – born April 21, 2006
  • Josh – born July 3, 2007
  • Max – born December 11, 2008
  • Tillie – born May 2, 2010
  • Oscar – born October 22, 2011
  • Casper, – born October 3, 2012
  • Hallie – born June 3, 2015
  • Phoebe – born July 24, 2016 
  • Archie – born September 18, 2017
  • Bonnie – born November 6, 2018 
  • Heidie – born April 3, 2020

Dozens of social media users flocked to comments to show support to the parent, slamming the trolls.

One was baffled, wondering: ”Who even make this comment about those precious kids.”

Another was just as gobsmacked, writing: ”Who even says something like that over children. Return that back to its sender.”

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