I’m a mum and let my son watch 10 minutes of TV a day – I was shocked at the results and they weren’t good

A MUM who banned her kid from watching TV claims she noticed a huge difference once she trialled him having some screen time.

Joanna shared how she started letting her 21 month old son “watch about 10 minutes of TV a day”, and was shocked at the results.

Mum Joanna tested to see what would happen if she let her son watch 10 minutes of TV a day


Mum Joanna tested to see what would happen if she let her son watch 10 minutes of TV a dayCredit: Tiktok – @joanna_sv

On her @joanna_sv account, she explained: “This is what I noticed in about two weeks.

“1. Tantrums have gone up a notch.

“2. He has stopped trying to self play/self entertain when bored, instead he runs to the living room.”

Joanna added: “We managed to stay screen free until now and since introducing the TV I can tell a difference in his behaviour. 

“This move is not going in the direction I want it to go.”

She explained her child has started having tantrums specifically about watching the TV and so she is now reluctant to give in.

Her video has racked up over 2,300 likes and people were quick to chime in with their thoughts.

Many parents disagreed with her views, with one saying: “My kids have unlimited screen time and all play independently.”

Another added: “I’ve had the telly on in the background since mine were newborn (seven and five now) they’re not interested because I never restricted it.”

Joanna replied: “Or are their brains overstimulated by it.”

A third commented: “I think it’s probably because you have introduced this late and now it’s quite novel and stimulating.”

Joanna responded saying: “21 months is waay to early? They only start comprehending things at this age.”

Meanwhile one mum said: “The fuss now about children watching tv. 

“My generation watched tv shows, movies, and cartoons all the time. We’re fine.”

However, a couple of people backed Joanna up, with one saying: “This is my experience with my 21 month old also. I definitely notice.”

According to the NHS: “Advice from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) suggests that children should have TV free days, or have a two hour limit on the time spent in front of screens. 

“A limited amount of child-friendly screen time can be educational, but it’s important to ensure the content is appropriate for your child’s age.”

Her video has sparked a debate among parents


Her video has sparked a debate among parentsCredit: Tiktok – @joanna_sv