'I'm 30 and my husband is 60, people call us 'gross' for having a baby together'

A 30-year-old woman was surprised by the amount of negative comments she received after announcing she and her 60-year-old husband were starting a family together

Mindy and Larry
The couple are expecting their first baby together

A 30-year-old woman admits she “wasn’t prepared” for how others would react to her age gap marriage, with her husband being 30 years her senior.

Mindy Mikla, who has 265K subscribers on YouTube, began opening up to followers about her relationship after they became curious about who exactly she was speaking to off-camera.

However, she was in for a nasty shock after introducing them to her husband Larry, with some telling her he looked old enough to be her grandfather”

The pair received even more cruel comments after announcing they were expecting their first baby together in December 2021, with trolls saying Larry was “too old to be a dad.”

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In a video filmed for Truly, Mindy and Larry responded to some of the mean comments they’ve been subjected to, including from one person who branded their relationship “gross.”

Another troll implied that Larry was too old to know how to open a PDF file, while a third said he “looked 85.”

Speaking in the video, Mindy, who lives in Florida, said: “I was on YouTube for a full year before I introduced Larry, but when everyone started asking, that’s when I shared him.

“A lot of people were very supportive but we also received a ton of hate and backlash for the age gap which was a bit of a shock. I wasn’t prepared, I wasn’t ready for it. Now, of course, I’ve developed a thick skin and I’m fine but it was a journey.”

Mindy says she wasn’t prepared for some of the cruel comments she received



The couple first started dating in 2015, and met when police officer Larry responded to a car accident Mindy was involved in. They tied the knot in 2016, and began trying for a baby in 2020.

Mindy continued: “Since announcing that we’re pregnant, it brought in a new wave of hate, with [people saying] how selfish the decision is.

‘The funny thing about the hate comments and the mean comments is, we have never had somebody walk up to us and say this in person to our face. It’s just keyboard warriors. They wouldn’t say it to our face but they have no problem typing it.”

A number of comments focused on Larry’s age, and included hurtful remarks such as “That kid isn’t going to have a dad in five to 10 years,” and, “It’s sad the baby won’t get to see his dad live long.”

The couple try and focus on the positive comments



The couple tries to focus their attention on the many positive comments they receive, with Larry describing the outpouring of support they’ve received as “amazing.”

He continued: “It’s a very humbling experience to have so many people that leave nice comments like that for us and wish us well.

“The people that comment and say, ‘I really enjoyed your videos,’ or, ‘I’m having a rough time and you guys helped me through it,’ or, “I had exams and I was stressed and you helped ease my stress,” that’s why we do what we do.”

A number of people have since thanked Mindy and Larry for sharing their story, describing them as an “adorable couple” and “so cute.”

One supportive fan commented: “I watch them and can honestly say this seems like genuine love to me. Both are amazing people. Wish I had a relationship like this. Gonna be great parents.”

Another said: “I absolutely love Mindy and Larry! They are by far one of the most genuine couples on social media. They are going to be phenomenal parents, That baby boy is going to be so so loved!”

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