Ikea is selling a full breakfast with six items for £1

The breakfast costs £1 (Picture: Ikea)

If you want a hearty breakfast at a discount price, get yourself to Ikea.

The furniture store might be famous for their meatballs but every morning, you can now get a full fry up for just £1.

You can choose six items from the menu – and if you have a family card, you even get a free hot drink.

They launched the fry up last year at the bargain price of £1.75, but now it is even cheaper.

The deal is only on Monday to Friday so unfortunately, it’s not ideal for that weekend hangover.

But if you have a free morning, make the most of a quieter store and get a full breakfast while you are there.

On Saturday and Sunday, it costs £2.50 so it still won’t break the bank but the weekday price is a real bargain.

Meat eaters can get one sausage, one bacon, one omelette, one hash brown, baked beans and ½ grilled tomato, while vegetarians get one vegetarian sausage, one hash brown, one omelette, baked beans, mushrooms and ½ grilled tomato.

Ikea confirmed on Facebook that you can also mix and match if you don’t like something in the selection.

The deal ends on 27 March so you have just under nine weeks to enjoy a discounted breakfast.

The breakfast is available before 11 am – after that, you’ll have to go for one of their Swedish classics.

There is a deal on after that time too – from 11 am onwards, Monday to Friday, you can get two portions of meatballs (or other selected main meals) and two desserts for £10, with a Family card.

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