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'If only everyone knew' Naughty Boy's family speak out after producer threatens to quit

The 2021 series of I’m a Celebrity in underway in Gwrych Castle and like usual, it’s been nothing short of dramatic. But on Tuesday night, viewers were baffled as producer Naughty Boy, whose real name is Shahid Khan, threatened to quit the show – a reaction that prompted his family to speak out.

The music legend is currently locked in the Castle Clink alongside Danny Miller, Richard Madeley, David Ginola and Dame Arlene Phillips, who are all living on basic rations while being separated from the main camp on the ITV show.

After being chosen by main camp to represent The Clink in the latest trial Treacherous Traps, he unfortunately lost to Radio 1 DJ Snoochie Shy.

When asked why he thought he’d been chosen, he said: “Maybe they think I’m the weakest.”

Later on, it was announced the two camps would be merging but Naughty Boy admitted he didn’t want to join the others after what he had been put through.

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It came in response to one Twitter user who called out those who were taking part in the backlash.

DanRavenscroft9 wrote: “I’ve got to be honest, I’m not comfortable with the reaction to Naughty Boy on here.

“To me, it appears like he has some deep rooted issues with himself and may not be mentally prepared to deal with the show and the failure #ImACeleb.”

He followed it up with another post, adding: “In a world where so many say to ‘be kind’ and so much focus on mental health and changing the stigma around men and depression/anxiety, the reaction and comments towards Naughty Boy are disappointing to say the least #ImACeleb.”

It seemed others agreed with his opinion and soon Naughty Boy’s family, who are running his social media accounts while he is in the Castle, addressed some challenges the producer is dealing with back at home, while thanking Dan for his support.


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