Idris Elba Reveals What Makes a Bad Guy like Rufus Buck in Harder They Fall

Idris Elba gave fans a breakdown. The Bad Guy Breakdown, that is. The Golden Globe winner did an interview with Netflix following the release of his new film, The Harder They Fall, which landed on the streaming service on October 22. In the interview, we get to hear from the professional bad guy himself, on what truly makes an incredible villain. Spoiler alert, it sounds like bad guys may be driven by a chip on their shoulder and ambition.

Elba opens up by talking about his The Harder They Fall character, Rufus Buck and gives viewers a little bit of a background into what makes Rufus a certified bad guy. He says that his character “doesn’t really talk that much” and that “he’ll just walk in here and kill everyone.” Sounds like a quintessential bad guy, indeed. Rufus is a great bad guy because, as Elba puts it, “No one wants a guy like that around” and we couldn’t agree with him more. He gives a bit of a warning to viewers about the beginning of the film and says that it’s “particularly brutal” and that’s when we will see “Rufus in his true colors.”

Elba also digs into his character from Hobbs and Shaw, Brixton. Of Brixton, Elba says, “He’s a bad guy, right? But, he again, has some sort of ambition to change the world with technology.” Elba also said of the “half-man, half-machine” that in order to reach these goals, “he has to create some enemies.”



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Because of his technical modifications, Brixton also has the bad guy ability to take intel on the world around him through his retina scans. Elba goes on to say that acting like he could read the inside of his eyeballs was “harder than it sounds.”

The actor says that overall he enjoys playing a bad guy because “bad guys are just seemingly better written in scripts,” and that he thinks “you have to really put the work into a bad guy”. He also explains that it’s all about the backstory and that “Typically writers have to really delve into bad guys and they end up being sort of characters that you can’t take your eyes off them when they’re on screen.”

Everyone loves to hate a bad guy and Elba’s characters are no different. Although the actor didn’t go into his bad cat persona in the film Cats, but we know that everyone involved with that production was a bad guy. To see the full interview with the world’s most alluring bad guy, check out the link below:

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