'I won't let in-laws look after my kids unsupervised because of their behaviour'

When it comes to having young children, it can often be difficult for parents to trust other people to look after their kids.

It’s so easy to become overprotective when there are so many factors you have to account for in life.

One woman recently welcomed twins and claims to be struggling to let certain people spend time with her new babies on their own – but for a very good reason.

The first time mum revealed all in an anonymous post on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum, where she explained that she wasn’t letting her in-laws have unsupervised visits with the twins.

She claims her father-in-law has some issues with drink and the couple are constantly fighting – which is not what she wants her little ones to be around.

Twin babies legs
The mum doesn’t trust her in-laws to look after the twins (stock photo)

The post read: “I recently had twins. They’re two months old and the first grandchildren on either side (and will be the only for a while unless we have more).

“My in-laws have a terrible marriage. They’re always screaming and fighting with each other, no matter the place or the time and my father-in-law is an alcoholic. He’s never put anyone except himself in danger but I am very nervous leaving my kids alone with them.

“Every time we go to visit I’m always around. I don’t hover, I allow them to get quality time with both of them and only take them back when they are handed back to me or it’s time to breastfeed.

“My parents however get unsupervised visits. The few times we’ve gone somewhere or gone on date nights we’ve left the twins with my parents.”

The woman goes on to say that her mother-in-law recently asked if she could have the twins over to show them off to some of her friends.

As she was going to be busy that day, the daughter-in-law told her no, but the older woman didn’t see what the problem was – even offering to come and pick them up and watch them until she was free.

So she decided to be honest about why she didn’t want this to happen.

“I told her I was uncomfortable,” she admits. “This caused a fight and she accused me of keeping her grandchildren away from her and playing favouritism with my parents, which I can’t deny that I may be.

“Am I being unreasonable and an a**hole?”

Hundreds of people responded to the Reddit post sharing their thoughts one the matter, with many taking the new parent’s side.

One said: “You aren’t playing favourites; you’re keeping your twins safe. That trumps her feelings every time. You are making every effort to let them bond with both sets of grandparents, and I think that’s commendable. Your MIL should be happy you take the time to visit with them so she can spend time with the babies. I wouldn’t want them alone in that environment either tbh.”

Another wrote: “Children pick up on emotions even at that age so whilst it may not seem like they are affected they will be. NTA OP keep yourself and your children safe.”

A third replied: “You are 100% allowed to decide who watches your kids and in what scenarios. Their feelings are irrelevant. NTA.”

Others thought that the woman’s husband needed to have a long chat with his parents about the matter.

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